This is an interesting analysis of the COVID-19 situation in Sweden where there was no government imposed harsh lock downs.

I provided a link to the article which is interesting but long so I pasted a small segment and chart below to make a point.

Overall development of the epidemic

Figure 1 shows the overall picture for confirmed weekly total new COVID-19 cases, intensive care admissions and deaths in Sweden. The dashed line normalises new cases by the dividing by the number of tests carried out each week, relative to those for the week to 10 April. Both actual and normalised weekly new cases have been divided by 10 in order to make their scale comparable to that for ICU admissions and deaths.

Fig. 1 Total weekly COVID-19 confirmed cases, intensive care admissions and deaths in Sweden


That point is that in the U.S. people are panicking because the number of cases is increasing as the country is opening up. However, the same increase is occurring in Sweden which never shut down!

Testing-Adjusted Cases Decline

The reason for the increase is that there is more testing. This analyst shows the “testing-adjusted” new case rate in Sweden in decline.

It is hard to get at these numbers in the U.S. but indicatively, in Arizona there were approximately 200k tests done in 2020 through May and more than 400k done in the single month of June. It would certainly appear that the “testing-adjusted” cases are in a decline similar to those in Sweden.

One of the major requirements for reopening has been increased testing.  It cannot come as a surprise that increased testing would result in a higher number of cases.  It stands to reason that any competent authority would normalize for the increased testing and keep the public informed of that trajectory.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but it bugs me no end that those who should be keeping us informed are continually making us dig to find the truth.