Apparently Black Lives Matter forgot that some people can read. After their support began to show sharp decline, they removed the “What We Believe” page from their website.

Black Lives Matter removes ‘What We Believe’ website page calling to ‘disrupt … nuclear family structure’

This did not say they supported alternate family structure. They wanted to disrupt the nuclear family structure of others. Keep in mind that it is precisely this disruption of the black nuclear family that has driven black men out of their children’s lives into gangs and kept black women barefoot and pregnant — both mired in inner city “plantation” poverty.

Some time ago, the BLM website removed pictures of their founders in communist guerilla garb and substituted Hollywood glamor photos. Removal of what they believe from their website doesn’t mean they have stopped believing it.

Oh, and by-the-way — the primary function of BLM is fundraising for the Democrat Party whose policies are the operational implementation of this disruption.