When scrolling through Facebook posts, I came upon this:

After clicking on the “See Photo” at the bottom, I was shocked, shocked, I tell you.

I was driven to “See Why” it was labeled False Information.  Bravely clicking on without regard to my personal safety, sensitivities or the horrors that lay ahead discovered there were “Fact-Checks from Multiple Organizations”.

Then, I cleverly followed the trail of bird droppings to these fact checks.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

The first fact we should check is that the first two “multiple organizations” are the same organization.  In factcheck they are the same author and essentially the same story with slightly altered wording. I suppose “multiple” is more impressive if less factual than “one disgruntled refugee from CNN”.

The second fact check is that all three stories relate to coronavirus bio-engineering.  While the USA Today story at least stated that the coronavirus origin is unclear, the Factcheck.org articles demonstrate clear bias with sensationalist language such as “bogus” and “conspiracy theory” terms not supported by their articles.

However, the third and most telling fact check is that no checked facts were facts checking the post they factlessly censored. 

Judge for yourself.

Fact checkers

can’t take a joke.

The meme is obviously a play on the words “Made in China” representing the stereotypical lack of durability of products originating in there.  It is hypersensitive, politically correct, over zealous censorship to claim this meme is part of a bio-engineering conspiracy.  If you really want to start fact checking every joke in the world, you are going to need more checkers. But fortunately, China has like 20 billion of people who I am sure would love to be checkers.

In this case you would have to do a study on whether or not products from China are more or less durable. Personally, my Chinese Checkers set is over 60 years old, although it may have lost some of its marbles.

Of course, given their apparent level of brain power, these non-Chinese checkers could just misunderstand that the “check” in their job title means to “verify”. It appears that they are using the other definition of the word which is

choking off,reining (in),repressing,squashing,squelching,stanching(or staunching),stunting,suppressing,turning back

I know, Constitutionally, freedom of speech is a protection from government censorship, not from private organizations like Facebook and Twitter.  But those organizations enjoy government protections which are not available to all which crushes the line between government and private – not to mention the line between right and wrong.

That is the problem with censorship. Once you start allowing suppression of speech, communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, sensitive, or “inconvenient”, about things you don’t like, there is little defense for censorship of things you love. I have no clever answer for this. I hate it that people can desecrate the flag under the cover of free speech. More than hate it.

But, fortunately The Flag, the Constitution, and these United States of America are better than I am.

Pretty smart those founders.