Arizona as of November 19, 2020

The Arizona Department of Health Services maintains a user-friendly Data Dashboard with current information on COVID-19 in the state.  If you want to have some fun (if you find frustration “fun”) compare this site to the CDC’s abstruse maze.

Here is some good news which seems to have escaped mention in the Main Stream Media (MSM).   

In a population of about 7.5 million, yesterday Arizona had

19 COVID 19 deaths.

Very symmetrical.

In fact COVID deaths have been declining since the high in mid-July.

How about cases.

All we hear about in the MSM is that cases are increasing.  As you can see from the chart below, cases go up and down, but they are headlines when they go up and escape mention when they decline. 

Speaking of things that escape the MSM’s teensy attention span, a quick look at the testing data chart below shows that the pattern of cases looks almost the same as the pattern for tests.

However, what isn’t so obvious is that the peak days in July and November reported almost the same number of 22,000 tests but that day in July had 5,450 cases while the corresponding day in November only had 3,257

That is about a 40% decline which appears relatively consistent for other dates.  Shocking, I know that more tests result in more cases but the percentage of cased to tests is showing dramatic improvement.

So, cases and deaths are continually improving

When the MSM isn’t hyperventilating over cases it keeps sensationalizing the dramatic impact on hospitals. 

Surprize, surprize!

The MSM is a drama queen.

As with all drama queens, the truth is a somewhat less dramatic.  Take a look at the chart on only intensive care hospital beds below.  Hospitals may have a problem, but only a small percentage (currently about 20%) relates to COVID. 

Interesting side note, at the COVID peak in July the non-covid usage increased only marginally, to about the same level as today and yet COVID usage now is well less than half.

So, there you go. 

The links are shown clearly in the chart images in case you think I am as untrustworthy as the MSM and want to check for yourself. 

Certainly, people who are dying of two or three serious comorbidities (is that redundant?) need to take extensive protective measures.  ANY additional assault on their weakened systems can be the final straw (if straws are legal in their state).

Everyone else should take reasonable precautions – such as not Frenching someone who has green mucus cascading from orifices — as tempting as that sounds.

But – panic not.

There is a light

at the end of the epidemic. 

P.S.  Sorry. I don’t know if Arizona is representative of the rest of the country. Except for a few states such as one that rhymes with Blue Pork, I suspect it might be. You’ll need to check it out for yourself — unless you want to hire me at an exorbitant fee to find out what you already know in your hearts.

P.P.S. For those who missed our stunning expose on how the CDC’s incompetent use of surveillance guidelines corrupted their data base and rendered case counting moot, a copy of those guidelines are below. 

Take care however, if you have ever had a headache, sneezed or know anyone from New York, you could be a COVID case.